Pressure Seal Bonnet Valves
PSB Gate Valves

 Products :  PSB Gate Valves
Size :  -
Materials :  Cast carborn, Alloy, Stainless steel
Origin :  Korea
Factory :  Busan, Korea

The performance pressure seal bonnet gate valves
Pressure seal bonnet gate valves have same application features as bolted bonnet valves shown on the page. The major difference is that the bonnet is designed for high-pressure, high-temperature service.
The pressure seal bonnet joint eliminates the body/bonnet flanges reducing weight and simnplifying the application of exterior insulation. Contrary to bonnet valves. Internal pressure applied to a pressure seal valves forces the sealing elements into tighter contact the higher the internal pressure he tighter the seal.
Gate valves may be installed without consideration for the direction of flow. They are not recommended for use in a partially open, throttling position because erosion, noise and execessive wear can occur. Gate valves installations should always be made with consideration for the potential of bonnet over-pressurization caused by fluids which may become entrapped in the bonnet of a closed valve. Where this possibility exists, it is the user's responsibility to insure that proper venting is installed.

DONG-A VALVE cast steel pressure seal valves comply with the design and test requirements of ASME B16.34 and the installation dimensions of ASME B16.10.
All DONG-A VALVE pressure seal gate valves have the features shown below.
They are engineered to provide convenience, durability and maintainability.
 Basic Design